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Company TrailerMate OÜ was founded in 2014. From may 2015 we actively started to focus our product range for light-trailers parts-accessories aftermarket and wholesale. Estonia is one of the leading trailer producers country in scandinavia today and trailer culture is very high in our region. Our people have more than 10 years experience in light-trailers market and we are gladly sharing our competence with our customers. If you are not able to find what you need from our webpage, please write us an email and we will try to find best parts for your solution.  We are importing our products from Far-East and Europe, all our suppliers are well known as quality focused and innovative producers.  All our webshop products are in stock, based in Tallinn( qty-s in stock may vary). Incase of bigger qty-s please write us a note and we will take contact with you. Our location is Harku, Uus 8, Tallinn Estonia, opening hours 8.30-16.00  

7 PIN Trailer plug scheme

If you have problems with your trailer lights, common problem is usually open wires in your 7 PIN plug. This diagram hopefully helps.

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